(Continued from home page)…But, that uplifting experience became the wind beneath my wings. To have been so close to the prolific careers of not only Jamie and Andrew Wyeth, but of patriarch N.C. Wyeth, and the wonderful Chadds Ford tradition, have been powerful blessings in my life. My love for painting today truly derived from those elementary school days.

Without any formal art training after high school, I decided to teach myself. While slow and plodding at first, my art began to progress. Early successes at art shows inspired me onward. I let those things in life that push the buttons of all my emotions move my paint brush — beauty, pain and human tragedy, unforgettable people and events, often sports. I celebrate the joys in life, the grace, the miraculous and infinite magic of nature, and I sometimes take pause to depict human frailty. It is this counterbalance of life that intrigues me. I have painted murals on walls, upgraded eateries, delighted expectant parents with whimsical nursery room themes. My work continues to evolve, whether depicting sports, Americana, florals, horse racing or the sea. Within each category on this website I will reveal more of myself…. and why I must continue to do what I do.

Peter Newitt

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